Can I transition by getting a curly perm ?

Years ago when I was about 14 I ended up relaxing my hair because I didn't know much about my curly hair. I didn't know that I had to add a leave in conditioner or of some sort after washing it so I never got the chance to just go out with my natural hair. I'd just end up blow drying my hair after being annoyed of how frizzy my hair would become after letting it air dry. It's now been about 3/4 months since I last relaxed my hair and in the roots I can feel / see my hair growing my question is: could I get a curly perm (just once without retouch) and let my own natural curls grow out the curly perm ? Or is my idea just :( not a good one ?(Ps I really don't want to do a big chop.

1 Answer

Its probably best to leave it versus getting more chemicals in your hair. This is something to think about; because the texture that is growing is how your hair will be and if you texturize it when the hair grows back in it will be difficult to handle and you might just do the texerizer again. This is your choice based on how you want your hair to be heathly so choose. :)