Can I transition my hair back?

I am a mixed female, but I have more of a thick Caucasian hair type. When I was younger (up to 6yrs) my hair was around a 3A, and as I gotten older I had straightened and dyed it more (assuming my hair still has heat and chemical damage, there is still blonde in it currently) now I see my hair as more of a 2A or (2B/C when wet). But after drying and brushing it goes back to a 2A type. Is their any way I can still transition my hair back to 2C, 3A or even 3B? I really love curly hair but my recent habits have ruined it, is there still hope my hair can be curly anymore? If so what should I do?

2 Answers

hello there! id say if you wanted to transition, you should use some wavy hair products with possibly no silicones, alcohol or sulfates. using some creme definers should help too. goodluck!
research the curly hair method, no cones, no silicone. The damaged hair will stay damaged forever, An Olaplex treatment will help hugely, but it will never be 100% the same as before. You just need too cut off the old damage and start fresh. Sorry, I know this isn't the answer you wanted, but this is truthfully the only known proven, and 100% certain way to get your hair back to its natural state. In future, if you ever colour your hair. Go to a proffesional salon and have them use either Olaplex or fibreplex on your hair. None of the other plexs match up to these two and Olaplex is the better of the two.