I been transitioning and it's been really hard I need help where is you salon located ?

I been transitioning for about four month and lately when I wash my hair it get badly tangled. It's gets so tangled that I get discourage and don't want to do it any more. It gets so bad that balls of hair come out when I finally untangle it. I want to cut a few inches of hair to be able to maintain easier and I also wanted to know any product that will make my hair easy to de tangled I have tired keep conditioning and leave in contion and it's still really hard please help.

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I'd say pre-poo with a cheap conditioner. Whilst that's on your head, put it in sections (2 at the top, 2 at the back- as many as necessary), afro pick/ detangle those sections with the conditioner on. Wash in those sections. When washing be serious- once a section is washed, tie it back up, then move on.Also- braid the hair at night! No fancy cornrows even, just sections (again) and braid them. It keeps the hair stretched and 'in line'.Hope that helps.
Sound like you have really bad split ends & possibly dryness. If you're not looking for a Big Chop or a specific style, you can just go to a get a 1-2 inch trim at any decent place. But if you want to have your hair cut specifically for curly hair, try the SALON link (just under the SHOP link at the top of the screen) to find a stylist in your area. You can also try Yelp & the Devacurl website to find stylists that excel at cutting & styling curly hair. Be prepared to travel & aware that the stylist might work in a hole-in-the-wall salon. In the end, having a stylist that is an expert at curly hair is worth it!After you get rid of those split ends, see if your hair is still getting badly tangled. If so, you may need to switch up your products. Experiment with different shampoos & conditioners. You want a shampoo that leaves you feeling clean without any scalp tightness or itching, that also doesn't completely tangle up your hair. You should be able to finger-comb your hair with it, perhaps not easily as with conditioner, but it shouldn't turn into a rat's nest. The conditioner you use should leave your hair feeling soft & easily detangled, but not greasy, heavy, or matted down. Try to do all detangling in the shower with the conditioner. Afterwards, follow up with a leave-in conditioner &/or oil, if necessary. If your still experiencing dryness, consider a pre-poo conditioner, as well as a deep conditioner. Good luck!