Should I try to tell my friend about the curly hair movement?

My friend if half Italian-American, and her hair absolutely comes from that side of her family. I'd guess it's 3A or 3B? When we were little, her mom (not from the Italian side of the family) dealt with her hair, and it was always decent. But in the last year or two, she's taken to straightening it. I think she irons it. It's always made me a bit sad to see because I love her hair, but I know it's a lot of work so I just accepted that it was her hair and probably easier to take care of straight. It's still her hair - but now I know a little more, and this website makes me feel kind of angry and indigent, like society is damaging my friend's beautiful hair or something. Should I say something to her? And if so, how?

2 Answers

if you would like to say something , then I definitely would . Wearing your hair in it's natural state will always be the right choice because you were born with that hair texture ( you should tell her that) and we should embrace what we were born with .Now , straightening your hair from time to time just to have a change isn't a bad thing , it's actually great thing that curly hair can be so versatile and can be straight one week , but be naturally curly the next week . To be able to have curly hair is such a pleasure .  You should try asking her why doesn't she just try embracing her curly hair for one week to see how it is . You can teach her all about hair types , how to style hair with products , what hair styles can be achieved with curly hair , how healthier her hair will be if she put down the flat iron for a little while , and you should mention how much you love her curly hair . I used to think flat ironing my hair would be easier for me , but I was wrong . With flat ironing , I have to worry about the damage I'm putting on my hair , I have to worry about what if I get caught in the rain or in the humidity, i can never get my hair wet when I go swimming, and I'm always worried about re flat ironing spots that don't look as straight at the rest of my hair .With my curly hair , I can run in the rain if I want . Swimming ? No problem . And in the morning , I can just wake up , take my curly hair out of my silk bonnet and go about my day . But that is just my experience . If she likes is straight then that's her. Try approaching her with a lot of enthusiasm . The least she can do is say no . If she does , then oh well. As long as you don't push her into her wearing her hair curly , you'll be fine ! I hope you do being her to the curly side , the more the Better ! 
Just tell her you like & miss her curls. If she laments that she struggles with them, let her know about this website & others geared toward curly hair care. After that, drop the subject. In the end, it's her hair, it's her decision on how to style it, & no one likes having their appearance constantly critiqued.