I want to transition to natural, I need to know which products I should start with.

My hair is very course. I don't really know much about hair.I love the natural look and that is why I wanna transition. I am tired of putting chemicals on my hair.

2 Answers

When I first started to transition I liked using Mixed Chicks and Shea Moisture products. Really, its all just one journey! Some things will work great on your hair and some won't! Just make sure you're deep conditioning at least twice a week. Don't shampoo too often because its known for drying out us curly girl's hair, so co-wash instead. I hoped I helped some. Good luck! :) x
Hello. I am currently 5 months post relaxer. I love the Cantu line! I recommend the Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream. Also use any type of oil, I love Coconut and Olive oil. You may have to try different brands or products to know what works best for YOUR hair. Good luck on your transition! :)