can I wash and go or not yet?

I did my second big chop two months ago, my hair was very long but very heat damaged because I'd get silk presses every two weeks. So here I am 6-7 inches less of hair and its in a asymmetrical bob when it's straight short in the back longer in the front and shorter on one side than the other. but when it's wet the back is completely curly fro all that and the front has like no curl pattern still even after my hair cut. I want to know if I can wash and go also what products to use for my hair type? I don't even know what that is?! Pls help I have a picture of the curliest part of my hair.. 

1 Answer

I think you can wash'n'go as long as you're OK with two different textures... You could always try to get the front match the back... When I had heat damage, using the aphogee green tea reconstructer helped my strands get some curl back to them but not fully. The first step to a bomb wash'n'go is moisture as I'm sure you know so MOISTURE MOISTURE MOISTURE is what you need!!! I like sebastians potion #9 wearable treatment. On top of that I would use some good ole' eco styler. Not sure if you're an eco fan or not but the potion #9 is a great way to moisturize your hair for wash'n'go styles! Hope this helps.