How often should I wash my hair?

I am 7 months into transitioning to natural and I think I am a 3c/4a. How often should I wash my hair?

2 Answers

You should wash your hair with shampoo once a week. Always use a deep conditioner after you shampoo. You can also co-wash your hair throughout the week if it starts to feel itchy or look dry. I recomend that you co-wash every 2-3 days with a cheap conditioner like Aussie Moist. Hope this helps :) 
Do you currentry wash your hair with shampoo? Is it sulfate free? If not, transition to washing your hair once a week with a sulfate-free shampoo and see how your hair reacts. I currently do that, and sometimes if there's a lot of build up on my hair I'll use a non-sulfate free shampoo once a month or so. A lot of people strictly conditioner wash their hair. It all depends on what you try out and works best.