if i big chop my hair can be be more defined and less frizzy?

i'm transitionning back to natural but my re growths are super frizzy ,dry and it's not defined do you think that after big chop my hair will be more defined and less frizzy

3 Answers

It could be that your curl pattern isn't defined anyway.  Do you  have any experience with your natural hair, or is this your first time?  You can't really be too sure of your curl pattern in the beginning; sometimes it takes a while to manifest.  Also, are you making sure that you deep condition weekly?  Your curly hair will be drier than your straight ends, and it will need more moisture.
it is my first time and i can see clearly my S-shaped curls but it's sometimes frizzy ,i'm mixed so i think i can be between 3 b-c to 4a what do you think?
Yea, you don't have to big chop to see less frizz and more definition. You can transition and be sure you are caring for your new growth. Remember to be patient. Ps... you gotta upload a photo homegirl! :) Let us see it! In the mean time, you can get everything on the same "pattern" by doing braid outs or twist outs. I recommend a cream gel or eccostyler because that always seems to hold, define, and add shine to my non-regular curl pattern hairstyles.