I'm 15 and have 4 month in transition. How can I stop the breakage and dryness of the hair?

I'm 15 and Dominican. My mom has been relaxing my since I was 8. My reached my back. When I turned 13 or 14 my hair started to break in the middle back part of my head, so my mom cut my hair to shoulder length. Because the middle way shorter then shoulder length she divided to cut it in layers. When I turned 15 in September 2015 I decided to go natural. Now I have 4 to 5 month of transition and 1 to 2.5 inches of length. The problem is that my hair is dry and braking a lot in the back. And I'm still learning how to take care of it. In the front I have like an 3b or 3c and in the back 4a and is very dry and hard to manage. I really need help and don't know what products to buy.

1 Answer

do you follow the curly girl method? That has helped me personally. My best advice for you if deep conditioning at least once a week of possible 2 but no more than that. A protein treatment every 4-6 weeks, protein treatments are meant to strengthen hair but it could do different things for different people, I recommend Shea moistures yucca plantains anti breakage and strengthening mask for a protein treatment instead of home made ones because most of the molecules in an avacado or eggs are too large to penetrate the hair shaft which brings up another point, learn your hair porosity level (take the porosity test, do research online) and find ingredients and products that work best for your porosity level. That will help retain moisture into your hair, keep in mind that the transitioning stage is a trial and error stage as well, what works for one person may not work for you and vise versa. If your hair is breaking off its best that you cut off as much as possible to prevent further damage. I know it is hard at 15 but stay as consistent as possible and try to wear as many protective styles as possible while transitioning. My last advice is please do not compare your curls to another persons curls, love your hair and it will love you back! I hope that this is helpful.