I'm 4 months post relaxer, what's my hair type?, it is hard for me to tell.

i know i have type 4 hair, just dont know which one, i think i have a mixture.

5 Answers

Hello Kiim!I am 5 months of transitioning and honestly, you can't really tell your hair type right away.
 thanks alot! you were the only one to tell me that :D and how is transitioning @ 5 months going?
It is actually hard. I have 4a hair and it is REALLY hard. This was my first relaxer and I had no clue what it was( I KNOW, I feel stupid) and all I heard was post and people's hair turned curly. I thought relaxers last a few months and your length of curly hair goes back. BOY WAS I WRONG. My hair has really high porosity and the breakage is horrible. I comb it and i can HEAR my hair breaking. I don't want to big chop at all. I don't really have support from my parents because in my mom's side, her hair is naturally wavy. My dad's side ALL transitioned before, but they are all busy to visit. It's been really hard for me : /
Awh, yea it is hard!! it's okay because your not alone in this, this is my first time transitioning but not relaxing, to be honest i never heard anyone in my family say "natural hair" because every one in my family loves relaxers. I would like to see a picture of your transitioning hair, the reason why i am transitioning is my relaxed hair would not grow past shoulder length ! but anyways try to be real careful with transitioning hair:) 
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