I'm 6 months transitioning & I only have 1 inch of new growth. What can I do to make it grow?

I stopped applying heat 2 months ago and I've trimmed it twice.

2 Answers

Were you frequently using heat to style your hair?  As you definitely know, one inch in six months is a bit below average.  On average, hair grows about half an inch per month.  Are you being gentle with your hair?  There will be tons of weak points since you have two textures right now.  Are you deep conditioning weekly?  Are you making sure that your hair stays moisturized?Of course, everyone's hair is different, and your hair could just be growing at about a fourth of an inch per month, which is below average but not abnormal.  If you're really looking for growth, you could invest in some vitamins.  I have no experience with them, but I'm sure that some of the other members will gladly point you in the right direction.
Be patient .Your hair's growing, though at a slow rate your hair should have 3 inches of new growth. Then again it could have, but you may have shrinkage.You just have to make sure you keep it clean, moisturized, trim only when needed. There are tons of products that say they make your hair grow but often those products are preventing split ends and mending damage.Stopping applying heat will help as well