I'm at 7months post, when would be the right time to big chop, I'm 15

I'm tired of my relaxed hair and I love my roots however, I feel like if I big chop I will lose a lot of length, I've cut certain areas of my hair and so far there is not a lot of shrinkage but I just want to no when will be the right time.

1 Answer

Deciding to BC depends on your comfort level and whenever you're ready. You could do transitioning styles for almost two years and still not feel comfortable if your natural hair isn't at a desired length. My hair dresser chopped mine for me without me knowing until the end but it changed how I saw and treated my hair along the journey. So my advice would be to do what makes you comfortable and look at some images of woman with short natural hair it will definitely help you find more security in the stage of your hair journey that you're in.