I'm embarrassed/scared to wear a weave?

I want a weave to give my hair a break because I don't know what to do with it. And my mom said I can get a weave. So with that being said...I really desire one before school starts. The thing is is that I'm a little embarrassed. I'm not going to get a long weave down to my butt or anything but (no offense to the ladies who do wear weaves!) I think it's sort of ... Embarrassing and phony in a way. I don't want everyone on my head asking and teasing. And when I take it out I'm afraid of being called "baldheaded" (which I'm not) and I don't want people touching it and when I interject I don't want them to say "well it's not your hair anyways". I'm just scared of what everyone will think (sadly) and I don't want to be teased of my decisions. And if I asked an opinion from my friends it would be 'no' or 'lol' or 'you don't need one' or even this one: 'you hair is long you dot need a weave' (HA!) I just don't want to be looked down on. 

2 Answers

Aww I know the feeling! I have had trouble wearing it for those reasons as well. There are different styles you can get, some that look more realistic than others! So you could try to go for that. But at the end of the day, it's your hair, your life. If anyone has to say anything rude it makes them look bad, not you. Good luck deciding! :) x
I loves weaves but i can relate to you as well. I just started my natural journey and me(a weave freak)..lol i reallyu misss al the styles that i can have but i agree with rookie yit is so many styles out there that look so natural you can get a layer bob, a straight bob, if your natural hair is curly get some curly weave just a inch longer than your real hair .It will look natural and outsiders looking in will think its yours and it have just grown.. I'm excited for you. Happy weave hunting!