I'm getting now support from my family about my curly hair?

so I've been working on my natural hair and relaxing from heat for 3 weeks now and my hair is still not the best but I'm working on it. I have no motivation to do so at all. My mom looks at my hair so awfully and keeps begging me to let her brush it and do hairstyles to get it to be straight. I have two more sisters but they are straightening their hair. Obviously my dad just supports my mom on this and everyday they make me feel bad about me and my hair. I haven't really gotten to prove to them how pretty it actually is back sometimes it has no volume on top, it gets frizzy and the last time ( 2 days ago ) I had to go with my sister to get something from the drug store and my hair was still wet from washing plus it was humid outside so when I got back it was a mess. How do I deal with all of their negativity :/ ? My mom keeps mentioning how my hair is straight not curly just be the bottoms layer of my hair is straight. My hair was straight as a baby but started changing when I was about 5-7.

1 Answer

I guess you would have to indicate the impact relaxing/straightening has on your hair in the long run and how it is damaging and leads to hair loss, breakage of hair etc. It maybe hard to deal with their negativity but in the long run it is better for you to follow what you believe is right and they will eventually accept it