I'm new to transitioning and haven't even started yet, where to start and what exactly to buy?

I want to get my hair healthy and back to where it needs to be. I just have no clue where to start. What I really need to know is what products should I buy and start with. I am 3C curly coily (with some dandruff). Please and thanks in advance.

2 Answers

what do you mean by transitioning? Is your hair now permanently straightened? And you want to grow it out?  There are tons of articles on this site that will help u thru the transitioning process   http://www.naturallycurly.com/search_results?q=Transitioning
Firstly, you said that you are 3C but since you are starting your transitioning process, I would assume that 3C was before you were relaxed. With this in mind, you should note that after being relaxed your curl pattern can change so don't hold on to that 3C to tightly lol. Next, the main or most important points to note when transitioning are that your hair will be dry/ lose moisture rapidly and it also tends to be very brittle and prone to breakage at the point where your natural hair meets the relaxed hair. Therefore you should focus on deep conditioning treatments and protein/ strengthening treatments. I recommend DIY Treatments (that contain honey as this helps with moisture retention) to go easy on your pocket and to focus more of your spending on moisturisers.Moisturisers that can help usually those labelled butters or creams and if you will be doing twists outs and braid outs to blend your textures, these types of moisturisers can double for that purpose also. :) I hope this helps and feel free to message with any other questions.