I'm now sure that I'll be transitioning. Any advice/tips?

4 Answers

When I transitioned I invested in many hair accessories. I bought cute hats, bows, clips, earrings and sunglasses. I also watched lots of big chop and transitioning videos on YouTube.  One last thing I did was I found me a friend with gorgeous natural hair that encouraged me the whole way through the transitioning period mine was for a year. Also if you plan on doing the Curly  Girl method it's a good idea to read The Curly Girl Handbook . It really narrowed down a lot of information that was spread all over the Internet. That book was my one stop resource.
Be patient and resolve to not get frustrated or give up. If you're wavering, come back to this site and to the CurlTalk boards for support and advice. And good luck!
Read up and continue to educate yourself about natural hair, products and hair care tips. YT is probably helpful and many other blogs. Transitioning can be frustrating but be patient and kind to your hair. Good luck!