I'm on my first month of transitioning completely.

Well back in May I went Natural and I was Natural (Transitioning) all summer long but then I made the biggest mistake and dyed my blonde hair Brown.. Hated the color so I bleached. Didnt staighten my hair but it was dry and my curls dropped Drastically. Then it got worst.. When I started my Fall Semester in college. I straightened my hair with my IN STYLER.. Sprits my hair with a heat protector also.. And kept varing it from straight to washing and leaving it be till the beginnig of  November where I finally decided to go completely natural. No dyes no Harsh chemicals no IN STYLER. Now my hair is severally damaged. My hair feels thinner now. Bearly any volume. My roots are pretty curly but the rest of my hair is straight and doesnt curl. I hate it. So I do my LOC method all the time. I wash my hair every two days or three. Moisture and moisture ! I've seen a change, but not drastic. I use my shea moisture products and Cantu repair conditioners.. I do Bantu Knots and Flexi Rods.. What else can you guys suggest for the process to not be so drastic. I feel as if i dont really know how to style my hair. I wish my curls would just come back to wear my curls out. I jut recently bought satin pillow cases, waiting for them in the mail. Any suggestions will help. Please and thank you.* Reminder just one month in after bleaching and heat damage. After being natural back in May.

1 Answer

I'm thinking you'll probably just have to wait til your hair grows out, then cut off the damaged part. After all that, I'm not sure it can recover, unfortunately.Keep up with your deep treatments... that should help some.