I'm starting to transition my hair, and I am having a hard time figuring out my hair type. Help???

Okay, so I'm trying this again because the picture wouldn't come up the first time. So, hopefully it works this time. This is a close up pic of my hair with no chemicals after a wash. 

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Okay so the pic wouldn't post in my question but I put it as my profile pic...
Hi Miss Roberta,I can't really tell from the photos because they are so small but from what I can see, you look like you might be a mix of 3c and 4a. You mentioned that you are transitioning so I would assume that as you continue your curl pattern will develop and become more recognizable. Happy Transitioning!
It's also very likely that you have more than one curl pattern on your head, so you may find that some sections are 3c and others are 4a. But I agree with Nikki looks like those are your curl patterns. Have you taken the quiz? That will give you a more exact assessment:http://hairtype.naturallycurly.com/?#quiz
Also, if you want to post a larger photo in your question there is an Edit button at the bottom right of your question, click that. Then click the big button "Add more details to your question" and there you can upload a photo (it says "Attach an image to your question"). Hope that works!
Thanks Ladies, I appreciate your responses. It sure helps when others can give input on something you are unsure about. 
ChristinaC Thank you for trying to help me figure out the picture thing. Unfortunately, there is no edit button under my question. Whenever I do the "additional detail" and upload the photo I get an error message, but I'll try to do it again soon. I get flustered very easily with websites so I will take a break before I try again. But Thank You once again!
It appears that your hair could be 3c/4a but no one ever knows until they cut the relaxed ends. Assuring that your hair is moisturized is the ultimate goal for all hair types. Low manipulation and low heat application are strongly advised in order to avoid excessive dryness and breakage.