I'm transitioning from using heat, to no heat, and I don't know the steps to maintain my 3C hair?

I've been using the Instyler for about a year, and I've decided that since I've been getting heat damage, and breakage, that I want to go completely natural-- minus blow drying, for right now-- and I don't know how to. How am I supposed to keep up a routine? So far, I wash it once a week with that Castor Oil Strength shampoo, and I deep condition with coconut oil-- how do you properly do that, anyway?-- and I blow dry, and then I've been trying some styles with flexi rods, and bantu knots. All I do with those is after I rise out the oil, I do that immediately, with no product. And I can keep that up for about two days, and then my hair gets lifeless, and won't do proper curls anymore with that. Then what? Do I wash it, and then start over, after those two days? I want to know about the complete process from washing, to drying, and styling, and products to use, what's healthy do to my hair and what's not, etc. I'm just COMPLETELY new to going with no heat, and I don't know anything about keeping up my hair. 

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