I'm trying to get my hair back to natural curly I haven't had a perm in 3 months, what should I do??

2 Answers

The permed hair will not revert back to curly. Maybe wavy but not curly. Chemical reactions cannot be undo so you must cut it off. There is no other way.After you have done that, find a good shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner. Deep condition your hair at least once a week, or when ever you see fit. Curls thrive on moisture so make sure none of your products leave your hair dry or brittle.
I agree. You can transition for as long as you like and then you should cut the permed ends off. There are lots of articles on how to transition, styles, products to use, and what to expect after cutting those permed ends off. This site is full of them so check those out as well. If you have any specific questions about products or styles or something like that, share those with the community so we can try to answer them and provide better advice :)