Im trying so hard for the natural look, I dont wanna do the big chop. Whats the best transitioner?    OR the best advice. This is my first time and Im researching but Im hearing so many things

3 Answers

I never did the big chop. I just wore weaves all the time and still do. But now I wear my real hair alot more often inbetween weaves and other protective styles. My relaxed hair just broke off throughout the years. so i never had to big chop. but my relaxed hair was short so i dont recommend this option for everyone.
I know there has got to be a chemical process out there that can reverse the effects of a relaxer. Google would be you best friend. if all else fails then you would unfortunatly have to do big chop. hope this helps!
I'm not sure there's an answer other than living with the demarcation line or big chopping. You really don't want to put more chemicals on your hair... I'm afraid it'll just all break off.