I'm trying to transition and its really tough dealing with my 4type hair and the thin relaxed hait

also my hair has always been shorter in the center of my head, so most of the relaxed hair has already broken off there should I just chop and start fresh? Or if you have some advice about how I can retain length in the center please help I've been trying all my life. 

2 Answers

When I was transitioning I had the same issue. I would definitely say START FRESH. Although many will say that natural hair is tedious, which I strongly disagree with, starting fresh will make the process much easier. Of course there will be styling struggles at every phase but starting fresh will eliminate much of the headache of uneven breakage from the line of demarcation. 
If you want to retain length, I recommend doing protective styles(whether it's with your own hair or extensions). I transitioned only recently and protective styling really helped! However, if you don't want to put that type of stress on your hair, I'd say remove the relaxed ends.I didn't do the big chop because I wanted to retain length.