Is new growth my real hair?

I'm 18 and I've been relaxing since I was 12. I wish I had known about embracing natural hair back then.. It's been almost 2 months since my last relaxer. I've noticed a lot of new growth actually. I condition it often but it's so rough. When I was little, I remember it being full, thick and actually wavy. Is this new growth what I have to look forward too from now on? I.e. Have I permanently damaged my follicles?

2 Answers

No you haven't damaged your follicles. New growth is your real hair. But you can condition it to increase softness. You'll like it; just give it time!
You do not have permanently damaged follicles- it's never too late to get your hair's natural texture back. The new growth is your hair in its natural state. Nourish the rest of your hair so that it will follow- try the LOC method. Here's a link that might be helpful: regular trims and gradually clip the ends of your hair so that eventually down the line, you'll only have natural hair & not chemically relaxed strands.