It's good to wear a full weave while transitioning? Does the hair really grow?

I've been transitioning since last October but I haven't stopped ironing it every week so I was thinking about basically going for the big chop and wearing a full weave. The problem is I've never wore one before so I really don't know if it is good or not? It will make my hair worse or it will really grow faster? Does it really works to wear one or it will be just a waste of time? Does it look like you're wearing a wig?Please guys I need your help.

1 Answer

I am almost finished with my transition but I always wear full head weaves . You could also try Senegalese twist and box braids . Those work . It usually does help grow your hair idk about it growing faster but since your hair is constantly in braids it will grow . Make sure your hair is healthy before putting in a weav