I've lost my natural curl pattern due to straighten too much im 5 months now no heat any advice???

Last year I straightened my hair for about 5 months every week and then every two weeks February I stopped altogether and haven't had direct heat since then my curl pattern is gone except for What Little New Growth I have so that's about 5 - 6 inches straight hair on the ends I am sick of the two textures but I also do not want to big chop and transitioning is hard because I don't know how to do flat twist or Twist outs or Bantu  I've tried numerous times and it's a struggle everyday I deep condition and do a protein treatment on a regular basis some of my curl has sprung back but very minimal I need advice I just want to regain my natural curl pattern it's going on 5 months now....I have 2 pics of what it looks like now and 4 Pic Collage how it looked before I just want that old thang back

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