I've been natural for two and half years now . My hair wouldn't curl no matter what i do to it.

My hair  is very thick and always dry no matter how much water or product i put into it. My hair wont get curlly for nothing.I have thick coarse dry hair. What I'm i doing wrong?

3 Answers

find out your porosity maybe you've got the wrong regimen(because of the moisture)  and how do you even know you have curly hair when yo haven't seen a curl lmao 
u sure your hair curly ? If so then yeah you should learn more about your hair like the porosity , if you have high porosity do a protein treatment at least once a month and deep condition once a week , if you have low porosity don't do protein treatments unless it's necessary like if you're experiencing breakage and stuff like that , and deep condition once a week , if your hair dries too fast then your probably high porosity if it takes a while then you're low porosity , if you want more information on porosity and how to find out wich one you have , go on youtube
never brush your hair when it is dry. I used to brush my hair for years, and that's the reason for why i did'nt know that i have curly hair!Brushing it destroys the structure of your curls, so it will just look poofy and messy, but not curly.Make sure you have a very rich conditioner, i recommend the organix kukuí oil conditioner.Use a lot!! So that your whole hair is covered, let it sit for a few minutes and rinse out with cold water.Scrunching could also help, but i have no idea what kind of hair u got. You have to treat afro hair of black people different than 3a curly hair, for example.Curls are individual, it would be helpful if you would upload a photo of your hair:)