I've started transitioning an I don't know what brand helps best with heat damage on 4a type hair ?

1 Answer

I have 4a hair. If you're speaking of your relaxed portion, I think that whatever oil treatments you use on your natural hair will work well on the relaxed portion. You will need to trim also. When I was transitioning, I did all protective styles like braids etc and I kept my hair moisturized while in the braids. My relaxed hair got to reap the benefits of the hair care routine I was focusing on for my transitioning hair. After about eight months though, I just chopped all that relaxed hair off to reveal a healthy head of natural hair. Hot oil treatments, protein treatments, and deep conditioning was my best friend during my transition though. But I didn't focus on a particular brand. My favorite was jojoba oil, coconut oil, and Queen Helene mixture under a dryer for 30 minutes. Good luck!