I've started my one year with no heat journey, with no big chop

My hair was originally really thick, long shoulder length but it got really short from my hair stylist. I'm trying to gain my length back so I've started the no heat\transitioning journey. I don't clip my split ends, I don't have the big chop. I keep my hair in sew ins every two weeks. I co-wash every one/two weeks, and shampoo every month. I do either pre-poo (deep condition with oil). Or deep condition with regular conditioner, I take 2,500 mcg biotin once a day. I use Shea butter moisturizer and tea tree oil. I was just wondering is this good way to get back my left? Or I'm doing something wrong? 

2 Answers

Hi there, I don't know much about sew ins but all the things you use sounds great! Except for one thing, not clipping your split ends. If you don't trim them they can split even more which causes a lot of damage to your hair. If you want to go back to your old length make sure your hair your hair grows healthy. I have a different hair type but I trim my hair about every 3 to 4 months. Good luck!
Sherryx is right! Sounds like you're doing fine. Be sure to trim your ends at least every 4-5 months and do not leave your sew-in in for too long so that your hair doesn't get tangled and broken underneath. If you see a lot of breakage after you take out sew-ins, leave them in for shorter periods or try another less damaging style.