I've been straightening my hair for 2 years. (from mid 6th grade to beginning of 8th).

Recently, I've been wanting to embrace my natural curls, but I've lost my curl pattern and they're all stringy. I cut about 2 inches off my hair, tried Beautiful Textures Curl Control Defining Pudding, and deep conditioned my hair. I'm not really quite sure on what to do to regain my curls. What should I do?Extra:- Hair Type: 3c-Age: 13, almost 14- My hair has never been permed/relaxedPictures (in order):- my hair before trim/deep condition- my hair later that same day- my natural with the pudding in it- the next day- my hair just washed- my natural hair (no chemicals, recent)- my hair straightened (recent)

2 Answers

Yes, the heat ate your curls. You have to grow it out, you could actually cut it all together or transition. There is no product that will bring them back. And of course, you should forget about heat, if you continue straightening your hair they will never come back. Once you decide which option you want (BC or transition) you can come back and we will help you with your routine :)
its the sad truth that those straight ends will have to come off I straightened my hair everyday for 7years....it was terrible I tryed with all my might to hang on to my length and repair what i could but the damage was done. After growing it with no direct heat at all for 3 months I chopped off my ends. Its better to have shorter healthier hair then long unhealthy hair. One thing I will say though is may hair grew maybe 3 inches in the last 4 years while straightening. Since I stopped the heat my hair has grown 3 inches in the last 4 months CRAZY its so much healthier and I feel liberated.