Since I've transitioned to cones-free my hair turned terrible. Go back to silicones or try s/t else?

Since I transitioned from silicones products to silicone-free products my hair has turned terrible. They went from 2b from 2c, they are extremelly frizzy, they don't keep their shape, they never look shiny and they're extremely hard to districate.I haven't had benefits from natural products too, such as coconuit oil, nor from treatments like co-wash.Should I go back to silicones etc. or the problem may be something else? I'm afraid that turning bad to silicones they will look even worst since they cause build-up, loose of shape etc.

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Okay, I had the same problem, an honestly its just a matter of finding the right conditioner. What I do is I take vo5 conditioner (silicone free, another good silicone free conditioner is tresseme naturals), I use the vo5 as a leave in and this detangles my hair as well as defines them, then I take coconut oil over the top to seal in the moisture. If you want you can go over it with a gel or curl defining cream.  I don't use a rinse out conditioner anymore because that is 1. a waist of money and 2. too much moisture for my hair. Hope this helps, expriment with different conditoners and leave in conditoners. 
What is the climate where you live? Humid?? IF so, you might want to use a gel to capture the curls when they are wet and "curliest". Also, avoiding glycerin or other humectants high on the ingredient list can be helpful in high humidity. If you hair is hard to detangle in the shower with conditioner on then you might be protein sensitive. This happened to me with coconut products. Try Tresemme naturals conditioner and see if it gets any better. Also, are you sulfate free in your shampoo? If not you are stripping moisture and without the artificial coating of the hair with silicones you might experience a lot more frizz (dryness) and curl loss. I "wash" with V05 conditioner between sulfate free shampoo washes and find this helpful for moisture.  And putting in your post-shower products with sopping wet hair can help to get the curls to clump together. Then you can scrunch it with a Tshirt (less frizz inducing than a towel) or "plop" it. Don't give up. It's a matter of finding the right products. If you don't get the results you want from products then move on! The right ones can start to make a difference immediately. But don't stick with the same thing that's not working and hope to get different results just b/c it works for someone else. Each head of curls is different. ;)