Looking for a place to start with transitioning.

I've had a relaxer in my hair for the past 30 years or so. I've recently started to transition my hair to its natural state as my career as a dental hygienist can be quite messy. The last relaxer I applied was this past September. Since then, I've been using shampoos and conditioners (mainly just conditioning) which are for moisture, in addition to applying coconut oil. I also alternate between other oils such as grape seed, almond, apricot, jojoba oil, castor oil, and olive oil trying to protect my hair. What I've been noticing is that my hair always feels greasy. I apply usually to towel dried hair after washing with conditioner, coconut oil, olive oil, and apricot oil. I then usually always throw my hair up in a bun. But every morning when I get ready and take it down, my hands are covered in oil. I'm not sure what my hair type is as I'm just beginning the transition. But if I had to guess it's probably a 4b/c. It's medium length, high density, medium in width. I also am unsure on the porosity based on the oiliness of my hair. It's doesn't take long to get wet while washing. Takes about a full day to dry while up in a bun sometimes longer. And tends to feel dry despite using oils when dry but when it's wet it feels well moisturized. I'm looking for a place to start. I feel as though I'm probably using the wrong products. Maybe too much oil? My hair feels soft to the touch but again, it feels dry and greasy at the same time if that makes any sense. Any suggestions on where is should start? Any suggestions on a regimen to begin with? 

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Hi and welcome! You have definitely come to the right place!!I'm not to sure what to tell you about porosity, but I can say that you may be using too much oil. Try cutting back on the amount of each oil you use or just use small amounts of one type of oil per wash. I noticed in your regimen that you do not have a leave-in conditioner listed or mentioned. Try adding a leave-in conditioner to your routine. This could aid in preventing moisture loss. So after your co-wash, apply the leave-in of your choice and then a small amount of oil. Be sure to work each product into the hair really well! Really get in there and rub it in- gently of course! Hope this helps and if not, please keep asking questions and be sure to tag an editor! They have great solutions to hair problems :)
Thank you so much! I was using a leave in conditioner. It was a spray but it left my hair feeling really dry. I will look around the site at se recommendations and try a different kind. And also cut back on the oil and see how that works. Thank you again! 
Hey girl. So for your hair I would defiantly recommend getting trims. You could also do the big chop meaning cutting off all of the relaxed hair but of course your hair would be shorter and that's not for everyone. But if you are comfortable with having shorter hair then go for it, but if not gradually cut the hair off until you are 100% natural. Of course this can be a very long process but as long as you are committed, you will have beautiful coils in no time. As far as the oily hair I would recommend using a leave in conditioner to moisturize your hair instead of oils. Yes, the oils can leave your hair too oily if you put too much but a leave in conditioner is made for moisturizing the hair and will not leave your hair oily.( Shea Moisture is a great product to use). Also doing protective styles such as braid outs, twist outs, buns, braids, ect. Is a great way to protect the hair from breaking and also to blend the two textures. I hope I could help!