About a month ago I decided to go to the salon and get my hair bleached

Last year, I bleached my hair platinum blonde myself and it came out perfect. After, awhile I got tired of the blonde and I decided to dye it after. i probably dyed my hair a billion times (i know its bad). Recently, this past month i went to the salon and got blonde highlights, cut and all these expensive treatments that didn't help after the stylist bleached my hair. after that i dyed it jet black then i attempted to go red and it didn't work out. so i got a color stripper called Color Oops and after that my hair became a Carmel color (i don't mind, i actually like the color) i just don't have my curl pattern as much. and i don't know what kind of products or things i should do. my hair before dyes and bleach was a 3b/3c and now it is about a 2a-2b curl pattern. i don't plan on dyeing my hair or bleaching it anymore. i really want to go natural, i miss my curls so much but i do not want to do the "big chop" like i have in the past.

1 Answer

I would recommend a protein treatment like the aphogee two step protean treatment once a month and deep consitioning weekly with one of sheamoisture's hair masques. You won't be able to get your same pattern back, but this could help your curls bounce back a little. I'm on the same boat as you, I did ombré/bayaylage and it wrecked the curls that are bleached, so I'm working with about 3 different textures. :/  but this seems to be helping. Don't color your hair for as long as you can to prevent further damage, if you must, go darker. And if you are trying to grow your hair do scalp massages with an oil of your choice to stimulate hair growth. Hope this helps!