My friend is interested in going natural. Any tips?

She's been thinking about going natural for a while. I think natural hair would look good on her. Do you have any ideas for her?

1 Answer

I recommend this all the time and it probably gets annoying, but she should do a big chop. Even if her hair isn't crazy damaged. It does a few things:1. The obvious, it gets rid of damaged, splitting hair. This promotes growth and a shiny appearance, as well as consistency in curl pattern.2. It marks the start of a new lifestyle. I firmly believe that natural hair is a lifestyle. How many other people have you met that watch what they put in their body and on their skin so carefully? How many people even take vitamins everyday?! Before I went natural, I was never concerned about the health of my hair. it was all superficial.3. It's exhilarating! Getting rid of the weight on your shoulders is so freeing. I think everyone should have short hair at least once in their life.Then of course there are the tips everyone recommends, like natural products, CG method, no shampoo, coconut oil treatments, ect. :P