My hair is so dry and damaged from coloring and bleaching HELP!!!!

My hair used to be beautiful tight bouncy curls. After "DIY" bleaching with bleach and peroxide my curls were demolished. The image in the picture is before i dyed my hair black. Now that I've died my hair black its even worse. I have so much breakage and my hair is super dry. I've tried using Organix deep conditioning treatment and FX and Organix (Moracan/Argan Oils) but they all don't work on my hair. I also have to wash my hair every day (only conditioner) because if I try to extend my look for 2 days my hair looks like dreads in the morning when I wake up. Do I need to cut my hair off? Is there something I can do to keep my length but restore my curls? Will a Keratin Straightening Treatment help?

2 Answers

You need to cut your hair off and regrow healthy hair. There is nothing else you can do to get your curls back. Start over and treat them better this time.
Cut it :/