natural for 2 mths w/seborreah dermatitis & hair coming out,edges. Can you recommend products & oils

I am transitioning to natural for only 2 months. However, I am dealing with seborreah dermatitis. My hair is breaking bad especially on the edges. I have always worn braids or twists even with permed hair because I workout a lot. I recently tried a product from treasured locks called Natural Hair Relaxer. Then noticed that once I got my hair in twists that my scalp was very flakey and my edges immediately broke off to a ball spot on both sides. My hair is very thin and rough. I am currently using Avalon Natural Shampoo and Conditioner.   Can you please recommend hair care products for my hair and oils for my scalph.  Thank you

1 Answer

I swear by Micmas Remix deep conditioner and have been using it since this summer with great results. In addition to all the organic and natural ingredients they use it also has honey! Honey is suppose to work by being an anti-filungal and anti-bacterial agent. Tgis kills the microbes that cause seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff. Also, the honey and other great nutrients in Micmas Remix deep conditioner draws moisture in to the skin and locks it in, helping to keep the scalp supple. I buy it on and Amazon and let me tell you it's a Godsend of a relief!