The only natural about town- How do I ignore the comments and keep doing me?

I straightened two weeks ago using a Marc Daniels serum. I blow dried then flat ironed at 329 degrees. My hair has not reverted after 2 washes. I posted about this before.I am convinced I have all over heat damage and I guess I'm transitioning. Any tips on styling (bearing in mind, I work a professional, press office job).I'm the only natural in my house. Everyone else is relaxed or wigged up. My Mom thinks I know very little about hair and my experiments and research "from the internet" are no good. She also doesn't believe heat damage exists. Instead she thinks the serum must still be in my hair, having been combined with such high heat. As such, she and my sister keep telling me to flat iron my hair, but I'm resistant.How do I convince them that my hair care routine is working for me?

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I wish you'd had given us a view of what you are working with. I'm now wondering a lot of things, like is your hair oily, or did you straighten it everyday for two weeks or just that one time? Information like that, could give me personal a better outlook of what's going on. I do think it may be heat damage because almost 330 degrees is pretty hot, but if it were just that one time i believe it should be fine and should have went back to it's natural state. Another question, are you still in the transitioning stages, meaning the tips are straight but the roots are curly? (I was a bit confused) Because if you've just begun transitioning it can tend to do that. since it's like a mixture of two hair type on each straid of hair Nonetheless, your hair is your hair… Making the decision to go natural is 100% beautiful and if you're in an environment that doesn't support you…they will soon enough. I had a friend whose mother didn't support her but after a while embraced her daughter. My family was a bit skeptical themselves but I didn't let it phase me. Your journey is going to be like any other obstacle in life. Just don't give up…keep going and reach for your goal. 
When I first big chopped, my Mom didn't support me and made fun of my hair. Now my hair is super long and curly and she's now jealous, along with everyone else who lives in my house. When I big chopped her hair was a little below ear-length, she loves to bleach, dye and relax her hair. It's a year later and her hair is STILL the same length but now it's breaking. My hair is pasts hers (past my shoulders) and she's ticked. LOL. What kept me going after I BC was how jealous and pissed I knew they'd be and I proved myself right and them wrong.  Embrace your shrinkage and your kinky hair, do a protein treatment to strengthen your hair from the damage of flat ironing then deep condition after. Deep condition every week, cantu's deep treatment masque is good. Protective style and just love your hair, ignore the ignorant comments from them and let your hair grow out long and healthy, transitioning can be fun. Prove them wrong even if it's months or a year from now and have fun doing it. Don't forget to take a multivitamin or hair vitamins to help with growth and hair health. Stick to natural products, stay away from sulphate shampoos and co-wash. Keep your hair moisturized at all times and you'll be great. 
My mother has been & probably will continue to be a big jerk about my natural hair, so I know how you feel. But here's the good news, you don't have to convince anyone! Haters can keep on hating; the only opinion that matters is your own. If your family eventually comes to like it, great, if they don't, it's their loss! Transitioning is hard & being surround by negativity makes it even harder. Try to surround yourself with positive people. If you have friends that have been positive about it, ask them to help give you a verbal boost now & then. Join a natural hair forum; you'll get a lot of sympathy & encouragement there as well.For styling during transitioning, if you have the length, ponytails, braids, & buns are great for the office. Even if you can only get a tiny little stub of a ponytail, you can also use one of those fake buns or a pretty clip (try an octopus one) to cover the ends. Try position the ponytail/bun/braids in different places. This is also your opportunity to experiment with color & styles! As you will be cutting your relaxed ends anyway, feel free to dye, flat-iron, or curl them with a curling iron, but stay away from your natural roots. You want those to grow in as healthy as possible. You can use this time to try out progressively shorter hairstyles. You may even find that you like a bob or a pixie cut! In the end, remember that it's just hair & it will grow back. If you go through the whole natural process & don't like it, you can always go back to relaxing. But try your best to get through the process & see the end result. The struggle is worth it!