Naturally Afro hair?

Recently, I have wanted to start transitioning to natural hair. But my mom won't let me do the big chop. I'm a teenager, just turned 15 a couple months ago. When I asked my mom about the type of hair that I have, she told me that, I have inherited natural 'Afro' hair. Which I guess means, that if I do ever do the 'big chop' it will grow as a Afro, instead of curls. (Such as Solange Knowles's hair). I do often get box braids.(about every two months) And I get relaxers. But I haven't gotten one, in a good while. Which I love! But the big question is: How can I get gorgeous luscious curls, just like Kelly Rowland? ((Btw, I'm sorry if I went over the line with my whole little hair story. 

1 Answer

I'm 13 and my mom let me go natural so I think your mom should let you do it too. If you learn how to take care of it then there should be no problem. Anyway if your hair looks like solanges than it's kind of impossible to make your hair curly like Kelly Rowlands (if Kelly Rowlands hair is even really naturally curly. I bet it's a weave.)