Need some expert opinions please!

In my pre chemo life I had super thick stick straight hair. So post chemo, I have not a clue! I had a breakdown on Thursday and almost chopped off all my hair. But I ordered the CG Handbook. Just finished reading it. I did the cup test, and my hair floated. Not really sure about the curl type. I took this picture just out of the shower. I do not even own gel, but I wanted to go shopping today. I want to go all natural, but still unsure of which conditioner to get. My hair dries like frizzy and really no curl definition. Any help would be great! Included pictures before chemo, after I shaved head, New curly hair (which I always wanted! Lol) And just now.

1 Answer

First off I'm Glad you didn't cut your hair off and welcome to the natural curl family! You should start with deep treatments every two weeks. Whether it be a deep condition or a protein treatment. There are many hair products that would be good for your hair i suggest mixed chicks although its a bit pricey but you should still check it out. Most important thing is to make sure your products are paraben and sulfate free. To find out the best hair products that work for your hair is to just try them out and see what happens best place to start is the natural hair section in Walmart and target and even sallys which has a hair brand named true that could really work with your hairtype. I'll leave a hair chart for you below to help you out. I hope I've helped you.