My new growth is very confusing?

I don't know if it's heat damaged but it's very confusing to tell what my hair might beSo far I'm only 3 months post but the 20th makes me 4 months, and I'm still confused over my new growth but it looks like it ranges from 3c - 4b I have tight coils around my edges, then normal looking coils a little at the front, and at the crown it looks like tight curls, but the back feels looser? I also noticed that my new growth looks like its clumped and it is pretty thick; some of the coils have a crunchy feel to it and some have a softer feel It's just very confusing to look at, maybe it's too early to tell i don't know, but the pattern seems to be all over the placeHere are photos of my hair wet, dry, moisturized, from afar and up close:

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