Is it normal for my natural hair growing out of the longest most relaxed part of my hair normal?

So I have just begun my natural hair transition and had my last relaxer in May. A lot of the shorter front parts of my hair that and mostly underneath the relaxed parts are growing in curly very well like it used to be and I'm very happy with it, but as for the rest of the hair on my head like the very top and the sides growing out of the longest relaxed parts of my hair have grown about an inch or so far and feel wavy to the touch, almost as if its being dragged down by the relaxed hair. Is that normal? My hair is a couple inches past my shoulders. I know I have very curly hair and I just hope this means I need to let it grow out some more to really start seeing some curl form there. Anyone have anything similar happen to them that can help me? I'm VERY new to thisAttached is a photo of me with totally natural hair in the 3rd grade I believe (?) 

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