Please help my curls become the potential I know they can be!

After switching to the no-poo method I realized my super fine and baby thin hair actually has pretty waves! I've found that if I comb it I comb the waves right out. I have to scrunch like a maniac and if i plop overnight I come out with beautiful curls only to have them fall within hours. I first noticed the curls when I would wear a ponytail and all my hair would form a pretty banana curl. Then when working out, in a ponytail, my hair would form the curls you see in the pic below. I have not been able to replicate them on purpose. I've searched the net and tried no silicone, silicone just about every method out there but nothing seems to work for my hair. I'm a mix of latin, American indian, small parts black & melanasian and irish. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

1 Answer

This will not be the most helpful answer since I have no experience with this. Have you tried applying your leave-in in the shower? I mean to sopping wet hair like you are conditioning? Then get out and do whatever you do to get the curls that you like when they are wet, and  then just leaving it alone to air dry?I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Gel is usually used to preserve curl pattern, but that will more than likey weigh the curls out.