Oily, itchy scalp with dandruff caused by transition or scalp sensitivity?

I have thick, low porosity 2b hair and an oily scalp. I just went all natural about a week ago. I'm using Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner. My hair loves it, but my scalp is itchy & oily with lots of dandruff. However, it's less oily than before i went natural. I did a Google search and found that shea butter caused some people to have an itchy scalp. I thought it might also be caused by product build-up, so I used tea tree oil with my last shampoo. This seemed to clear up the dandruff and lessen the itching. Should i switch shampoos, or is it just my scalp adjusting to the gentle cleanser?

1 Answer

Those are questions a dematologist or a Doc will have to answer for you. My hair does not like shea butter and I have a sensitive scalp. The only thing that helps me is clarifying 2 to 3 times a week with an apple cider vinegar shampoo.