Oily roots, dry scalp, and dry ends?

I have naturally wavy, fine, thick hair. I first dyed my hair permanently black 4 years ago and then 3 years ago, I bleached it. Throughout those years I straightened it about every day and used horrible boxed hair dyes so my hair was FRIED. I am new to the whole natural thing, so I'm struggling to figure out a routine. My hair doesn't take to conditioners well and is extremely dry at the ends but gets easily weighed down by product. My roots are ALWAYS greasy (even after washes) and my scalp is always dry and flaky(not dandruff). What are some products or tips you reccommend?

2 Answers

It sounds like you could have product build up. Do you still use products with silicones and sulfates? How often do you wash your hair? I would try not to wash your hair more than every other day, but try to extend the wash days as long as possible. I am a 2b-2c and I wash once or twice a week. Look into silicones and sulfates and see what's in your products. Research cowashing, and at night use a boar bristle brush to dispurse the oils in your hair.
product buildup is something to think about however you said you are washing your hair you could have low porosity hair wich means the pores in yohr hair dont like opening making it difficult for moisture to get in and out of your hair. To find out you can take a strand of your hair and drop it in a cup of water and leave it for 5 minutes if it doesn't sink at all you have low porosity hair if it sinks part way you have medium porosity if its at the bottom you have high porosity.  For low porosity try using a clarifying shampoo followed by your conditioner let it sit throughout your shower letting the steam work it magic. Rinse with hot water NOT cold backwards yes I know but you need the heat to force your poors open. Then slab on a deep conditioner(if you have none add a little olive oil to your regular conditioner. Bag it or put a plastic cap on your head and try applying heat as it sits from a blow dryer or hooded dryer itll make a huge differance when you rinse leave a tiny bit of it in .