Is it possible to get back the curl pattern I had as a child?

Here's my story: As a child I used to have a beautiful 3a pattern, but when I started kindergarten I got head lice and my straight hair family attributed it to my curly hair. So my mother began to brush it every day on a ponytail to prevent it. Since then my hair started to change gradually into a 2a/straight shape (Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that it's better to have a 3 pattern than a 2, I just personally love the 3 shape). A few months ago an aunt of mine who has gorgeous curly hair, as I was complaining about my hair, told me that if I only stopped brushing it, I would get back the hair I had in my childhood. So I stopped brushing it for a couple of weeks and it did get curlier, but it didn't look nice at all, it was like a messy bunch of dry and tangled hair so I gave up and went back to my normal hair routine. Finally, I got here and learnt about the CG method and thought maybe I could get my curly hair back, but it wasn't just about not brushing it. I completely changed my hair care routine two weeks ago according to the CG, and cutted my hair into a long bob (It was really damaged due to colouring). I saw a HUGE difference since the first wash, It completely changed its shape from 2a to 2b. I have washed it only two times since then (I have always washed my hair only twice a week), and after the second time I noticed it even more curly, like 2c. Do you think I could get my old 3a shape back or it just has change forever because of age? (I'm 17) Photos: four years old, and after starting CG method, sorry for the bad quality

2 Answers

It's kind of hard to say with curly hair. I think that you should continue in the CG method and see. It's very possible you could get close to what your hair used to be. 
Yes and maybe not. I have continued to learn more about my hair on the CG method and continued to see improvement! You are off to a great start with the cut and the products. Keep with it I am sure you will continue to see more curls evolve. However, that said, our hair can drastically change naturally due to hormonal changes and for some it never changes! My caucasian sister went from a 1a to a 3b during puberty and had a shot blonde curly afro! I kid you not. It loosened later and is more like a 2c like mine now. But assuming you don't have anything that drastic I'd bet you can at least hover around a 2c with a dry haircut for curly hair like a Deva cut and some strategically placed layers (but not cut into layers while wet like you are going to be blow drying your hair into a straight style). Try not to get caught up in curl envy even if its' for your own previous curls! Enjoy your curly girl journey! :D