Any product recommendations for my 3b transitioning hair?

Hey guys. I've been transitioning for 15 months. Throughout this time I was not taking proper care of my hair. However, 4 months ago I really got serious in taking the proper care of my hair. I use Shea Moisture moisture retention shampoo and there Shea butter conditioner for a wash out. When I put the conditioner, I detangle with a wide teeth comb. I then put Cantu deep treatment masque as a deep conditioner for 30 minutes. I then do the LOC method with Cantu's Repair cream, Olive Oil and a Sedal hair cream. When my hair is dried up to a day after washing it looks great. However, about 2 days after it looks really dry and it is hard to see the curl pattern. I wash once a week. I don't know if it's the products that I'm using that causes this or if I'm not doing something proper. But I would really like to hear my fellow curly girls opinion and I would greatly appreciate any tips and product recommendations. Thank you for reading and helping

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