what are some products and a good routine for someone who is just starting to transition?

I am just starting my journey back to curls and Im getting excited about it!! But my question is (and this is for everyone) what are some products you wish you would have used when you first transitioned OR what you think are the best for someone transitioning?? What is the best starting out routine?? I have 3b hair (3c in some parts), and I have been flat ironing since before i can remember. its mostly heat damage on my ends (thank God) and Im going to trim but not get the BC. I do have a dry and flaky scalp so I don't know what products to use for that or how often i should wash,cleanse, and clarify because of that. below i included a picture of my curls (that was technically day 2 hair)

3 Answers

Deep condition at least once a week! I heard from natural hair gurus that when dealing with heat damage, deep conditioning twice a week can help revert your hair. Really, not every product works the same on everyone's hair so experimenting with different products can be your best bet! However, when I was transitioning my favorite deep conditioner to use was the Mixed Chicks brand. Since you're aware of your hair type, you can also look into what others with your hair type deem to be very useful! I hope I helped!
yes that did thank you!! i know some of my friends didn't particularly care for the Mixed Chicks line, but i haven't tried it yet. I'll give it a shot, thank you!
My nightmare with the transitioning phase was the detangling part, at a point nothing worked...the only product I could say was of help was the "Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner" and the "Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner".I washed my hair twice per week, cowashing didn't work, my scalp was itchy on day 2. Depending on how I felt my hair I would use shampoo with or without sulfate. I would deep condition once per week, cleanse and do a protein treatment once a month. I transitioned for one year, only the last 4 months I began to let my hair air dry. When I got tired of the protective styling I just used buns or updos.I'm a 3b.Good luck!