Products, how tos, and routines for restoring curly hair?

Hi, I'm Natasha.Growing up my hair has always been around the 3B type, maybe a bit curlier and in 6th grade I decided to ruin my hair by straightening it almost every day. So now, as a junior in high school, I really, really, REALLY regret straightening it so much because the texture and curl of my hair are complete crap. As of now, my hair falls between 2A and 2B with random strands of 3B and I desperately want my old curls back :( I'm wondering what are the best drug store products (for a good price) and/or the best at home remedies to use in my hair to help restore it? Also, any good and simple routines to follow?Also, I don't know if this helps or not, but I am mixed black and white but all my life I've been told that I have "white people hair."

2 Answers

You can try to do protein treatments and deep conditioning treatments, but you will need to do a big chop in order for you to see your natural texture. However, keep in mind that hair texture can change, and you may truly have a looser texture. That's what happened to me.
You'll probably just have to wait til the damaged stuff grows out, then cut it off.