what products do i use once i take my hair out to reduce pain but promote hair growth?

grace, I just recently started going natural. One day my mom checked my hair and I had hair that looked liked it was chopped up in different places but it wasn't noticeable so they would stick up sometimes. So from that day on I decided to go natural and stop perms that wasn't very long ago. Now I have braids once I take out my braids I don't know what to do. I don't know if the first thing to do is to untangle the hair or wash it. I heard it's painful, that's why I need products that helps with pain and hair growth and what to do with these products. I might be a 4c because my dad has thick curly hair in the 4 range while my mom has thick hair like 4c I'm taking a guess my mom perms her hair. Also I need a product I can apply to my scalp and extensions to help my hair grow faster. 

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