What products should I use to reduce breakage during transitioning?

I have been transitioning for 7 months and I need help. The new growth is 4a type. I have leave-in conditioner and use it about one a week. My hair seems to be very delicate because no matter how careful I am, I experience an amount of breakage I do not like! After I shampoo my hair (I wash my hair every 2-3 weeks), I put in leave-in conditioner and let it partially air dry. Any sections that are not dry, I blow dry it on the cool setting on low speed. Am I doing something wrong? Right? I need some good products that will prevent my hair from breaking too much while transitioning to natural. I seriously do not like my money to be wasted, so I need some products that is going to work and not break my bank! Also, I am long transitioning and won't do the big chop until my hair stretches 20-24 inches, so I need something good for the long haul. I need someone who KNOWS what they are talking about when they give me advice.

1 Answer

Sounds like you need an intensive treatment or protein. Try doing a deep treatment (I also have 4a and use the Aussie 3-Minute Miracle) or a protein leave-in (I heard the Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructrizer is good!) That straight hair is very weak compared to your fresh new growth, and so therefore it's probably breaking off at your line of demarcation. Try trimming some of those dead, lifeless straight ends. Use less combs and maybe reduce your dryer usage. Use your fingers to detangle, although it may take more time, it's much better for your hair, and can make a huge difference!Good Luck.