Products to use on transitioning hair underneath sew in and how to care for hair under sew in?

my new growth is very thick and coarse and hard to detangle 

1 Answer

I've been on my transition journey for 10 months now. Occasionally I have done sew-ins to protect my hair also. In my experience, because everyone is different, I have learned not to keep it up to long. Before even getting the sew-in I make sure to have it well cleansed, conditioned and oiled. The oil gives it slip so there's less breakage.  Jojoba oil, coconut oil, olive oils have been my friends. Doesn't take much to apply to your scalp. I've even gotten a small spray bottle mixed Apple Cider Vinager, water, and essential oil Lavender and sprayed my scalp with it. I enjoy Intense conditioners while its in this protective style. I will at times mix coconut oil with my intense conditioner.  Understand my personal preference is to wash my installment once a week, maybe every 3-4 days because of fitness, I just do a co-wash, spray AVC mixture, my prefered oil that day. Let it air dry.  When taking down. Oil oil oil oil......olive oil preferably, those braids before unraveling. Use conditioner for more slip as to not cause more damage.  Section the hair off get a bake n soda water mud mix in a old conditioner bottle and apply, (rub gently), scalp and hair each section at a time. Rinse thoroughly! Then take you ACV and water on a spray bottle. Spray scalp and hair. Rinse with cool water. Add you desired leave-in conditioner with olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil. Section you hair again for the detangling process. And constantly add conditioner or oil to the tangled spots. Since there is sooooo much loose hair. But again this is what I do. I  hope this helps.